One of the pioneer Real Estate brands in Varanasi & Eastern U.P. and a harbinger in providing low cost housing without compromising quality. It was founded by Shri Om Prakash Gupta in 1989.

A business history of 100 years supporting and leading value added strategies help the organization and its clients alike. Today, the group's project with their uncompromising construction standards and matchless beauty adorn the cityscape with pride and sense of delight. Providing luxurious modern facilities and lively environment at very affordable prices is just one of the gains when you trust Roma Group.

Trust of over 1,000 families living their dreams in our projects and over 1,000 under construction flats are testimony to the faith imposed by our endearing and ever growing clients.


Being a business house with a history of more than 100 years and a freedom fighter family, we are proudly furthering the legacy endowed upon us by our prodigious ancestors; the famous tobacco firm Ws Nandooram Khedanlal and Kerana firm (Grocery Whole Seller) M/s Girdharilal Madho Prasad. Our experience, social roots and heritage provide the strong financial credentials and stability and in the process have ensured us an envious reputation to reckon with.

Needless to say, we always love scaling higher than your expectations. More than 10 Lac sqft of completed projects already adores the skylines of Varanasi. More than 5 Lac sqft of ongoing projects will set an exemplary lifestyle for others to follow and Over 20 Lac sqft in the process of finalization awaits the lucky few of UP state. Apart from building on our lands, we also develop on others land and few of our esteemed associates in the past have been-

  • 1. Late Maharaj Vibhuti Narayan Singh, Erstwhile Maharaja of Benares.
  • 2. Late Kamlapati Tripathi, Former Railway Minister, Govt. of India.
  • 3. Sri Srikant lele, Ex Rector, Benares Hindu University.
  • 4. Late Shitala Prasad, Freedom Fighter & Ex Deputy Mayor, Varanasi.
  • 5. Late Siyaram Maitreya, Freedom Fighter & Retd DIG Jail.


  • 1989: Varanasi's 1st multistoried housing project on a Non Ceiling land.
  • 1999: Varanasi's 1st Swimming Pool introduced in a housing project.
  • 2009 : Varanasi's 1st Terrace Pool Introduced in multistoried housing project.
  • 2009 : Varanasi's 1st to receive 2.5 FAR (Floor area Ratio).
  • 2009 : Varanasi's 1st multistoried residential project to hove Service Lift (For Stretcher).
  • 2012: Varanasi's 1st to introduce B G 14 storied building (Tallest in eastern UP).
  • 2012: Varanasi's 1st to receive 3.75 FAR (Floor Area Ratio).
  • 2013: Varanasi‚Äôs 1st to introduce Affordable Housing.
  • 2014 : Varanasi's 1st to introduce a park of more than 2,000 sqm.
  • 2014: Varanasi's 1st to introduce Water Park in a housing protect.
  • 2014: Varanasi's 1st to introduce 60' long Fountain in a housing project.
  • Till Date: Varanasi's 1st to have successfully delivered units to more than 1,000 happy families.